Testimony: Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy

YOU GUYS!! Tears were streaming down my face last night.  Why? Well, just wait until you read this testimony. This may be one of my favorite testimonies yet.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job?! 
It’s about serving others, helping them improve their quality of life. It’s about inspiring others, and ultimately, giving people hope. God is SO good. I am so incredibly happy for this precious family.

This testimony came from one of our fellow Chickadees last night. It’s so touching.  My hope is that it finds someone else in need of encouragement. 

Improvements: My Son Has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy
Testimony shared with permission by Hollie Hughes (NY)

I have to post a testimonial in here tonight because I am so incredibly happy!!! For those of you that don’t me, my son Jonah is 4 and has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.

Seriously crying tears of joy tonight at my house! I have been hesitant to use the oils on Jonah for more than sleep and digestive issues. They’ve worked wonders in those areas, and I have loved the benefits my entire family has experienced since beginning them. However, I just did not want to feel the letdown that would come when I tried to use them to help his tone. We have tried many alternative therapies, spending thousands of dollars, with little success, and we have tried not so alternative therapies with Botox injections (which for anyone that knows me knows how I struggle with injecting Jonah with poison. It weighs heavy on my heart). I kept feeling like if I didn’t try them then that inevitable sadness wouldn’t happen. The last few days I would declare that today was the day! By night’s end, I would change my mind. Tonight, while the boys were in the bath before bed, I was cleaning the kitchen trying to really force myself to commit to trying. I noticed a feather on top of one of my oil bags as these thoughts again entered my mind (Mom hope you’re not crying too hard…I still am as I type this). I knew it was my sign! Anyway, the pictures below speak for themselves. I have not seen Jonah’s feet flat on the ground in so many years that I can’t remember if there ever was a time. His heels are on the ground!!! He is not on his toes. His feet do not look deformed! I will do a before oils and after oils comparison tomorrow. It is stunning; actually, it is beyond stunning. Jonah tonight said as he was standing holding on to his bed, “Wow! This feels amazing!”

Cerebral Palsy Testimony 1Cerebral Palsy Testimony2
Cerebral Palsy Testimony2Cerebral Palsy Testimony4 
Update 1/16/2015:
His PT saw him today, just 3 hours after we applied the oils, and she was so excited at how much it helped him pick up his feet when he was in his walker. I am SO happy. 

Here are the before pictures from this morning (and this is a good foot day meaning they typically are much worse). His posture from last night’s pictures is even better as a result of being able to place his feet down. He said to me when we came downstairs this morning, “Mommy, can you oil me again today, so I can be tall like daddy?” Same amazing results! Noah (his older brother turning 6), when he came down this morning said shyly, “Mom, that worked so much last night that I think I was so excited that I dreamed Jonah could walk.” The water works in this house! Putting Jonah’s orthotics on was a breeze without pain and without struggle. His feet and calf muscles have become so spastic that they would literally not stay in his velcroed AFOs in his sneakers!!! Not today!

Jonah 10941024_990711020956880_4674878067073222804_n


1600994_990710584290257_5566153697181288502_n 10418420_990711390956843_2927335040298692083_n

Regimen Used:
Left Leg – Massaged in OrthoEase, Basil, and followed that with PanAway
Right Leg – Massaged in OrthoEase,  Basil, and ended with AromaSiez

While doing this, I used a few techniques that were taught by an energy kinesiologist that Jonah saw in Cambridge.

If anyone can relate to Hollie and her son, feel free to send her an encouraging note or questions by completing the form below:

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